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Configurations info Configurations Freestanding grills offer more mobility and versatility, while built-in grills provide a custom, integrated look for a dedicated outdoor kitchen space. Post-mount grills are designed to be mounted on a post installed into the ground or onto a base that would be bolted down. Your choice between a post-mount, freestanding, or built-in grill should be based on your specific requirements, available space, and design preferences. -

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Fuel Type info Fuel Type Grills are built for a specific type of gas. Natural Gas must utilize a dedicated gas line. LP gas (propane) can be hard-plumbed but is more commonly used with portable propane cylinders. When choosing between natural gas and LP gas, consider factors such as your location, access to gas lines, convenience, and overall cost. Both options have their advantages, so the choice depends on your specific needs and preferences. -

Size info Size Small—0" - 26" | Medium—27" - 33" | Large—34" - 42" | Extra Large—43" + up -

Grill Class info Grill Class To help you better understand what separates our different grill models, we’ve created five distinct classes based on size, burner type, number of burners, features, materials, and price. -

Main Burner Style info Main Burner Style Each burner type offers distinct advantages and can contribute to different grilling styles and techniques. When choosing a main burner style, consider factors such as the type of grilling you'll be doing, the size of the grill, your budget, and your personal preferences -

Number Of Grilling Zones info Number Of Grilling Zones On a multi-burner grill, you create different grilling zones using burner temperature settings or by turning some burners off. These zones enable simultaneous cooking of various foods with different requirements. -

Exterior Material info Exterior Material Stainless steel is known for its durability and premium appearance, while cast aluminum offers better heat retention and can be more budget-friendly. -

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