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Modern Home Products is a Koziol family-owned and operated company founded by Walter Koziol in the 1950’s. 

The most important elements contributing to the company’s long-term success is its ability to provide quality, innovation & reliability.

Since we began marketing gas lighting in 1957, MHP has continually designed and manufactured superior products in the U.S. that are responsive to the industry’s changes and challenges.

Consistent quality and performance are MHP’s time-tested formula for success.

We remain focused on bringing you the best quality, innovation, design and construction backed by the best warranties in the industry. Consider us your one source for a comprehensive outdoor product line, including grills, accessories, lamps, torches and replacement grill parts.

Developing and maintaining relationships with our customers is the heart of our business.

Our History


Walter Koziol

Modern Home Products was founded


Modern Home Products (MHP) was founded in 1957 by Walter Koziol and was the first manufacturer of decorative gas lighting for residential applications. Gas lighting was marketed under the trade name Charmglow.


Perfect Host 1960

The world’s first outdoor gas grill was invented


The world’s first outdoor gas grill was invented by Walter Koziol and marketed under the trade name Perfect Host.

The Perfect Host was:

  • A 22-1/2″ round portable cart unit
  • Available in Natural or LP gas
  • Constructed of steel

The Perfect Host changed the way the world cooks out and laid the foundation for the gas grill industry.


Charmglow had become a household name

Charmglow had quickly become a household name, so MHP changed the company name to Charmglow Products

CharmglowCharmglow El Camino


The first rectangular designed gas grill was introduced

Walter re-engineered the “round steel grill” and introduced the first rectangular painted steel gas grill with a hinged lid, a better and more efficient grill concept.

Cast Aluminum design is introduced in 1964

Cast Aluminum design


Further improving on our design, the first rustproof cast aluminum rectangular gas grill with a patented hinged lid was introduced. To this day, this remains the industry’s most popular design

Proven To Endure The Test Of Time
Pictured above is one of the first solid rustproof cast aluminum grills made in 1964 and is still in use at a home in Antioch.


Chef's Choice

Chef’s Choice Series


The Chef’s Choice series was the first double gas grill with a one-piece bottom casting. It was also the first gas grill to receive an industry award for best design. The award-winning design featured a 700 sq. in. cooking area and was mounted on a cast aluminum scroll cart.

Charmglow Ad from 1968


MHP Logo

MHP Company Name Reinstated


The Charmglow name along with the grill and lighting products were sold to Beatrice Foods Company, however the assets of the company were retained.

After the sale, the Koziol family reinstated the MHP company name and began development and engineering of after market gas grill replacement parts.


Exact Fit Replacement Parts


MHP became the first company to market a comprehensive array of patented universal and exact fit replacement parts for most brands of gas grills.

Exact Fit Replacement Parts


MHP Reintroduces Grill and Gas Light Products

Once the non-compete agreement with Beatrice Foods Company expired, MHP reintroduced a line of cast aluminum and solid brass gas lights. Responding to market demands for better quality and performance, MHP developed a new line of high-end gas grills based on the award-winning Charmglow designs.

BBQ'er Choice

BBQ’er Choice Grill Series and SearMagic


MHP introduces the  BBQ’er Choice grill series—a superior, high quality all cast aluminum grill available in both natural and LP gas.

In addition, MHP introduced another first in innovation and design—the patented SearMagic reversible cooking grids. These grids, constructed of high-performance rustproof aluminum adding cooking and versatility, remain an integral part of current product line-up.



GJK Series Grills

GJK Grill Series


The industry was changing and demanding larger stainless steel grills. MHP responded with the feature-packed GJK 36″ grill which boasts an impressive 906 Sq. In cooking area and 54,000 BTUs.

The GJK was retired at the end of 2019 after 18 years of service.


Built-in Grills

Built-In Grills


As the demand for impressive built-in backyard kitchens was on the rise, MHP responded by introducing our first series of built-in grills and accompanying accessories. Since then, we have remained dedicated to expanding our portfolio of outdoor kitchen products.


Infrared & Hybrid Grills


In the early months of 2004, MHP shifted its focus towards the development of pioneering cast aluminum infrared and hybrid grills. As a result, in the autumn of 2005, the company unveiled four new models to the market.

MHP Infrared Grills | WRG & TRG

MHP Infrared Grills | WRG & TRG

MHP Hybrid Grills | WHRG & THRG

MHP Hybrid Grills | WHRG & THRG


ProFire Grills

ProFire Grills


MHP purchased ProFire Grills, which had been in business since 1990, allowing the expansion of the grill line to include high-end stainless steel portable and built-in gas grills.


Phoenix Grills

Phoenix Grills


Once again, responding to industry demands, MHP designed and developed the New Phoenix Grill series–the grill that cooks it all!

It Grills!

It Grills!

It Roasts!

It Roasts!

It Smokes!

It Smokes!

It Steams!

It Steams!


MHP introduces the Tri-Burn grill in 2010

Tri-Burn Grills


The Tri-Burn burner system was introduced to provide greater flexibility for indirect grilling.


ProSear Indoor Infrared Grill is introduced in 2015

ProSear Infrared Indoor Grill


Bringing the great outdoor flavor indoors, the ProFire division introduced ProSear, the first and only all infrared stainless steel indoor gas grill.


Dragon Fire Grills introduced in 2019

Dragon Fire Grills


In response to industry demands for a high quality stainless steel grill at a more efficient price, ProFire created the Dragon Fire grill. These grills were scrupulously designed to ensure that the quality of the design and construction was not compromised while keeping the overall cost lower.

Dragon FIre GrillsDragon Fire Rotisserie


Premium Outdoor/Indoor Refrigerator

Building on our extensive line of built-in grills and outdoor kitchen components, ProFire released a premium outdoor-rated refrigerator. Listening to the consumers wants and needs for their outdoor spaces, ProFire designed a refrigerator that met the consumers requests for an outdoor/indoor refrigerator that was not only reliable but would stand up to the elements (much like the grills) and provide adjustable storage space.

ProFire Premium Outdoor/Indoor FridgeProFire Premium Outdoor/Indoor Fridge


MHP Acquires Music City Metals

Music City Metals, a respected player in the industry, has been a trusted name since its establishment in 1985. This union of industry leaders not only reinforces MHP’s position in the grill market but also promises enhanced product offerings, broader market reach, and a strengthened commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. As this partnership unfolds, it promises a fusion of expertise, resources, and premium products, reshaping the outdoor cooking experience for grill enthusiasts, manufacturers, and retailers alike.

Music City Metals


MHP is still a Koziol family owned and operated company.


The most important elements contributing to the company’s long-term success is its ability to provide quality, innovation & reliability. Since it began marketing gas lighting in 1957, MHP has continually designed and manufactured superior products in the U.S. that are responsive to the industry’s changes and challenges.

Consistent quality and performance…
MHP’s time-tested formula for success.


(L to R): Tom Koziol, Tom Nitz, George Koziol


We carry multiple brands of gas grills, MHP, ProFire, Phoenix, Dragon Fire and also outdoor gas lighting under the brand Everglow. Explore each of the options for a unique experience.