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Outdoor Gas Lights

Distinctive Outdoor Lighting Solutions

Everglow lamps and torches are built to last with solid all-aluminum bodies that stand up to the outdoor environment

Everglow Gas Lamps & Torches Add Reliability, Function and Elegance… to Homes or Businesses:

  • Maximum eye appeal both night or day
  • Increase safety and security
  • Adds distinctive styling to any landscape or architecture
  • Yellow spectrum of light does not attract insects

Beautiful Durable Finish

  • Strict control is maintained throughout production
  • The Epoxy powder-coat finish delivers the look and durability you expect

Heat-Treated Glass Panes

  • The finest glass available, bringing the lamps to life when lighted
  • Remove easily for cleaning

Cast Aluminum Construction

  • Thick-walled solid cast aluminum provides greater strength, durability and finish quality
  • Non-corrosive construction will not rust

UL Approval

  • Gas lamps are UL approved

Outdoor Gas Lamps

All Everglow Outdoor Gas lamps are available in Natural or Propane Gas with burner options to meet your specific needs and can be pedestal or post mounted.

Outdoor Gas Torches

Our Everglow Outdoor Gas Torches are available for in-ground or deck/patio installations allowing you to customize for your specific space and needs.

Electronic Ignition Kits

Allows for easy on-off operation. Available styles for both our gas lamp heads and gas torches. Includes the lamp/torch head with installation specific mounting components.

Outdoor Gas Lighting Applications

  • Front/Back Yard
  • Entry Way
  • Landscape
  • Outdoor Eating Area
  • Deck/Patio
  • Pool Area
  • Street Lighting
  • Town Square
  • Subdivisions
  • Entry Way
  • Street Lighting
  • Entry Way
  • Docks
  • Landscape
  • Outdoor Eating Area
  • Entry Way
  • Landscape
Country Club
  • Outdoor Eating Area
  • Pool Area
  • Outdoor Landscape
  • Landscape
  • Entry Way
  • Outdoor Eating Area