Proudly Manufactured in America’s Heartland with domestic and globally sourced components.

The Midwest is home to Henry Ford, The Great Lakes, cheese curds, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, many professional sports teams, acres of farmland, and Modern Home Products.

We are proud to say that our MHP, ProFire, and Phoenix grill lines are constructed of 97% US made materials and all manufacturing is done here in the heart of the US.

Since 1957, Modern Home Products, the inventor of the first outdoor gas grill, has taken great pride in designing and manufacturing innovative products with the best quality materials and craftsmanship. To this day we remain a Midwest family-owned and operated business with offices in both Antioch, Illinois, and Butler, Wisconsin.

Made in America with 70%-90% US-based content, including parts, factory operations and wages. All of our materials, products, components, and craftsmanship for all of our grill lines, including our aftermarket parts, go through strict testing and must meet our high standards for quality, reliability and durability.

When we say “Made in America”, we mean designed, engineered, and manufactured by thousands of US employees who are proud to see their hard work in your homes and backyard.

MHP Manufacturing

Our company is fueled by our people

We invest in a diverse group of homegrown talent starting with our factory workers, engineers and manufacturing teams to our marketing, customer service and transportation specialists—many who have been with us for over 20 years. Our vendors offer top-of-the-line expert craftsmanship in both design and manufacturing while our employees are truly committed to creating the best products, providing the best customer service, and keeping you grilling for years to come.

If you give us a call, one of our dedicated employees will pick up the phone, answer your questions and get you what you need. It is that simple.


Our mission is simple…
Build the best with the best.

Our goal is to build quality grills that last a lifetime. We do that with…

  • The best in design and innovation
  • The best materials and craftsmanship
  • The best employees and vendors

We are committed to getting and keeping you grilling… after all, no BBQ is complete without a game of Cornhole, and a grill manufactured by MHP.