Removal of Old Burner

Step 1:
Remove your cooking grid and set aside

Step 2:
Remove your grease bucket and unscrew the drain valve from the end of your drain pipe

Step 3:
Pull your drip pan out from your grill and set aside

Step 4:
Unscrew the (2) wing nuts holding the burner in place located on the underside of your grill

Step 5:
Remove the burner & venturi assembly from the inside of the grill using an up and backward motion

Installing a New Burner

Step 1A:
Make sure that burner support pins go through the holes in the bottom of the grill pit

Step 1B:
Remove wing nuts & install your new burner & venturi assembly into the grill pit

Step 1C:
Making sure the venturi tubes fit over the orifice 1/4″ to 1/2″ (as shown)

Step 2:
Secure the burner in place by screwing the wing nuts to the burner supports located on the underside of the grill pit

Step 3:
Reinstall your drip pan

Step 4:
Reinstall your drain valve to the drain pipe and hand the grease bucket

Step 5:
Replace your cooking grid