For grilling/searing steaks, chops, burgers, frankfurters, sausages, fish fillets, chicken parts or shish-ka-bobs. Your MHP Gas Grill is designed to cook with the lid closed, except for quick searing or more of a char flavor. Close the lid to finish grilling, retaining natural juices and preventing flare-ups.

Direct Grilling Technique

Indirect (use one side of burner)

For roasts, ribs, ham, whole chicken, turkey, game or whole fish. To use the indirect heat method, turn on one side of the burner, then place food on the cooking grid over the side of the burner that’s not lit.

Indirect Grilling Technique

Indirect (use of water pan)

An aluminum foil pan is centered on the briquettes to moderate the temperature and to add moisture and flavor. Fill the pan with water or other ingredients, (add to water; wine, apple juice, orange juice, herbs, spices, etc). The cooking juices from the food drop into the water pan creating a savory water vapor from which the foods absorb flavor and moisture.

Indirect Grilling using a water pan

Pan Roasting

For large cuts of meat, pot roast, turkey, whole chickens, duckling, game or ham cooked in natural juices or seasoning. Place aluminum foil drip pan or shallow metal baking/roasting pan on top of cooking grid. For extra flavor, add your favorite vegetables or some wine or fruit juice or garlic, onions to the drip pan. Use the liquid to baste or gravy.

Pan Roasting Technique

Smoke (addition of wood chips or chunks)

Ordinary meat, whole fish, poultry and game becomes a taste sensation when smoked. Using the water pan technique and your favorite wood soaked in water for several hours or overnight. Place chips in the aluminum foil, poke a couple of small holes in the pack. Place holes side up directly on briquettes alongside water pan. MHP also sells a smoker box for your convenience.

Smoke Grilling Technique


Poultry, lamb, beef and pork tastes more of themselves when spit-roasted. Meat is rotated over the heat keeping it constantly bathed in its own juices, insuring that all sides become done at one time. A drip pan can be used to collect the drippings for basting or gravy.

Rotisserie Grilling Technique

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