Clean Venturis to prevent flashbacks


In some areas of the country, spiders or small insects have been found to create “flashback” problems.

The spiders spin webs and/or insects build nests in the grill’s venturi tube(s). The web and/or nests can lead to gas flow obstruction which results in a “flashback”—a fire in the venturi tube(s). The grill may still light, but the obstruction does not allow full gas flow to the burner. Therefore, some gas will back up and escape at the venturi shutter. This will ignite, causing a flashback, which also could damage your grill.

Cleaning your venturi tubes will require you to remove the burner. Be sure the grill is cold. Open the lid and remove the cooking grids, the porcelain briquettes, and the briquette grate. This should give you access to remove the burner.

Spiderweb blockage

This image illustrates a spider web obstructing the Venturi tube leading to the burner, which can result in a hazardous flashback.

Clean Venturis
To remove spider webs and/or other obstructions, you must remove the burner and clean out the venturis with the long narrow bottle brush supplied with the grill (Venturi Tube Cleaning Brush).
This should be done routinely after the grill has set idle for extended periods.
  1. Under the grill, remove the clips holding the burner in place.
  2. Lift the burner and venturi assembly out. With the bottle brush supplied, or a pipe cleaner or long flexible wire, clean out the venturi tubes.
  3. Remove the hex head orifice with a 3/8″ wrench. Clean orifice hole and inner part of the valve with a toothpick being careful not to enlarge the orifice hole.
  4. Before reinstalling the hex head orifice to the valve stem, use a quick burst of gas pressure by turning the valve on then off to remove any loose debris.
  5. When replacing the burner/venturi assembly, be sure the venturis fit over the gas valve orifices.
  6. Reinstall the clips under the grill to hold the burner in place.

Watch this video to see what a flashback is and what steps you can take to help prevent them.

VTCB Venturi Tube Cleaner Brush

Venturi Tube Cleaning Brush

  • 13″ Long
  • Flexible wire brush with nylon bristles
  • Designed to clean out your gas grill burner venturis