Step-By-Step Instructions on How to Remove the GGIB Ignitor Box from Your Grill


Penetrating Oil

Penetrating Oil

9/16" Wrench

9/16″ Wrench or
Deep Well Socket

Dremel Tool

Dremel Tool

Needle Nose Pliers

Needle-Nose Pliers

Wire Vutter

Wire Cutter


Punch Tap

Ball-Peen Hammer

Shop Vac

Shop Vac


Step 1:
Turn off the fuel supply and disconnect from your grill valve.

Step 2:
Remove cooking grids, briquettes, and briquette grate.

Step 3:
This is a good time to vacuum up debris in the bottom casting to reveal your burner and ignitor box (or lack thereof).

Remove debris with a Shop Vac
Remove debris with a shop vac

Step 4:
Remove your burner. This step will make it much easier to remove your ignitor box and it’s also a perfect time to inspect your burner to make sure everything is a good working condition.

Step 5:
Now it’s time to get down to business and remove that stubborn old ignitor box. Start by removing the ignitor wire that is connected to the bottom of your ignitor and then saturate the brass nut on the underside of your casting that is securing your ignitor box in place with penetrating oil, letting it set for several hours.

REmove the ignitor wire
em>Remove ignitor wire
Spray with oil
em>Spray brass nut with penetrating oil and let sit

Step 6:
After you have let the penetrating oil do some work for you, try to see if you can loosen the brass nut holding your ignitor in on the underside of your gill using a 9/16” wrench or even better a 9/16” deep well socket. If your ignitor box still won’t come out you can try the next steps.

Remove with wrench
Use wrench to loosen brass nut

Step 7:
Use needle-nose pliers to bend and pull your ignitor box up away from the bottom casting allowing you to get at the brass nut under the ignitor box.

Use needle nose pliers
Use needle-nose-pliers to remove ignitor box

Step 8:
Once you can see under the ignitor box you can use a Dremel tool with a cutting disc to cut through the brass nut so you can remove the ignitor box from the inside of your grill. Once you have cut through you can use the needle-nose pliers to pull back the ignitor box exposing the probe and then cut with the wire clippers and remove from the grill.

Use Dremel Tool
em>Use Dremel tool to cut through brass nut
REmove Ignitor Box
Cut wire with wire cutter

Step 9:
Now you should be left with just the bottom half of the ignitor probe still connected to the underside of your grill. Using the punch tap and a ball-peen hammer tap the remaining half out of your grill.

Use punch tap and ball-peen hammer to remove bottom half of the ignitor probe
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